Let Us Played

Let us played is a collection of deft and delicate neo-classical piano pieces generally erring on the side of the understated. It leans into the influences and conventions of the past but has its eyes fixed only on the future. though built on traditional, classical sounds. It reminds us that every genre, sound, and style is subject to an ongoing journey in its own right. an that music moves forward, less because of sudden revolutions, and more through gentle evolutions.

01. A waltz in Pink

02. Four Circles, One Heart

03. Gently into the Light

04. I have Death in My Pocket

05. Legs, Marbles and Wine

06. Let Sadness Depart

07. Temper and Squeeze

08. The Travellers and Their Roads

09. This Path Leads Only to You

10. Time and Sand

11. To Hammer Than

12. Your Heart and Mine

13. Meet Again

Let Us Played ℗ 2021 Klaviester Bach, Producer: Klaviester Bach, Composer: Klaviester Bach, Arranger: Klaviester Bach, Released: 2021-06-18